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10 Feb


Hey, bff! I couldn’t access Kisses for you puppy, but i can do BB. Tell Ava, Caroline, and your other neighbors(including Jazzy) about this site! i want lots of members! Also Cathy, Do you play Movie star Planet? CALL MEH!


Merry Christmas!

27 Dec

Readers of Bearville,

Merry Christmas!!!

te ❤

practice your holiday runnings!

3 Dec

hi! today i wanted you to “Practice Your Holiday Runnings!” for example: start in your bed, then practice running down stairs to your gifts, cake, stockings, family, and most importantly, BEARVILLE.


11 Nov

#1: don’t judge a book by it’s cover

#2: never asume

#3: never leave someone hanging

#4: don’t be shy to meet new people

#5: don’t be a click

#6: don’t brag


12 Oct

can someone please tell me the psi of a pawsome panda?

hi hi :D

4 Oct

hi hi,

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA!!! 😀 BEST movie ever. if you havn’t seen it… your a wimp.

We Need To Get Some People Here!!!

16 May

=) hey guys, i noticed that people are starting to trade valuble items, and i was wondering, if you could spare some for the ones in need at alysonrockstar115’s donation station she gives lots of things to the ones in need and now, she’s giving out little gifts to everyone in need wherever she sees them. She is now an official.